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This kit includes information covering such topics as Light, Sweet Crude Oil Futures and Options, Heating Oil Futures and Options, NY Harbor Unleaded Gasoline Futures and Options, Natural Gas Futures and Options, A Guide to Energy Hedging, Propane Futures, and Risk Management with Natural Gas Futures and Options. Also, learn how you can electronically receive your fill prices through the Internet in three seconds and save up to 30% in taxes on trading profits! All this and so much more are in our information-packed FREE Stock Indices Trading Kit. For all traders, particularly day traders!

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light sweet crude oil futures

heating oil futures and options

ny harbor unleaded gasoline futures

natural gas futures and options
Light, Sweet Crude Oil Futures and Options Kit Heating Oil Futures and Options Kit NY Harbor Unleaded Gasoline Futures and Options Kit Natural Gas Futures and Options Kit

This crude oil futures and options kit covers the New York Mercantile Exchange's light, sweet crude oil futures contract is the most liquid oil trading instrument available to the industry today. The contract is an effective hedging tool against price volatility. The brochure includes the futures and options contract specifications and introduces other hedging instruments to increase flexibility in managing the business risk. 

This heating oil futures and options kit includes the heating oil contract specifications, option basics and margin requirements. Today, a variety of companies, including  oil refiners, wholesale marketers, heating oil retailers, trucking companies, airlines, and marine transport operators, as well as other major fuel oil consumers, have embraced the heating oil futures contract as a risk management vehicle and pricing mechanism.

This NY harbor unleaded gas futures and options kit includes options information and  contract specifications. Gasoline is the largest single volume refined petroleum product sold in the USA. The unleaded gasoline futures contract is of benefit to most sectors of the petroleum industry, availing them of the opportunity to protect their cast market positions from changes in market pricing.

This natural gas futures and options kit presents the natural gas fundamentals, different types of hedging strategies, delivery specifics, options on natural gas, market info and contract specifications. The Natural Gas futures and options contracts play a significant role in the natural gas market evolution in the recent years after the market deregulation.

guide to energy hedging

propane futures

risk management with natural gas futures and options

A Guide to Energy Hedging Kit Propane Futures Kit Risk Management with
Natural Gas Futures and Options Kit

This energy hedging kit presents explanations and examples of energy hedging strategies, spread trades, option strategies and other considerations in energy trading. The energy futures contracts are designed to meet the needs of the modern energy industry by encompassing the standards and practices of a broad cross-section of the trade. Hedging allows a market participant to lock in prices and margins in advance and reduce the potential for unanticipated loss.

This kit covers propane futures trading information. Propane fulfills an important role in the US energy profile, serving the residential and commercial markets and as a chemical feedstock. Propane futures contract is the only instrument for directly managing price risk in the liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) market. As other contracts of the futures energy complex, it offers unsurpassed liquidity, price transparency, and an absence of counterparty credit risk.

This risk management with natural gas futures and options kit provides valuable information to assist in risk management with natural gas futures and option - fundamental basics, supply and demand schedule, futures and options basics, hedging strategies and examples, exchange procedures and safeguards, and other. U.S. natural gas markets have undergone a remarkable transformation in the two decades following the deregulation in 1978.

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